Fundment MPS

Globally diversified, whole of market multi-asset portfolios. A systematic approach which combines our investment experience and technological expertise to optimise risk and returns.

Our portfolios

A range of nine standard, six ethical and two income portfolios for all risk profiles.

Risk return graph

Our investment process

We aim to deliver quality investing at a cost below the industry average, improving our client's returns.


Top down, buy and hold, investment strategy which takes a long term view of markets and the economy.


Using the Total Market Index as a guide we incorporate our own risk preferences to determine exposure to investment variables such as region and credit risk.


We manage portfolios using our industry leading technology covering rebalancing, trading and execution.

We select appropriate funds

We have a whole of market approach where we seek the optimal investment for each allocation in the portfolio. Cost/benefit analysis has led us to favour index products, although we retain the ability to invest in active where the proposition is compelling.

  • Underlying securities must be transparent and liquid.
  • Products must be suitable for the client and meet their needs.
  • Our approach is provider agnostic.

Oversight by Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee brings decades of investment management experience to our investment process. It includes industry experts from outside Fundment whose remit includes a quarterly review of the investment process and portfolio positioning.